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Water Damage

Water damage to a home or business is specific to the structure, loss, contents, and particular needs and circumstances of the owners. Most companies take a cart blanch approach to the loss. We formulate a plan by assembling expert teams and customizing personnel, material, supplies and equipment in completing the remedy of the loss for your exact needs, efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Down time is down time, whether a home or business. Your living or working environment is destroyed, damaged, and perhaps unlivable until reconstruction is completed.

Not only are the mechanics of processing the claim to its completion critical, but coordinating the efforts of the team to minimal impact on the home owner or business in getting their life back to normal and operations running smoothly again.This overall project management is critical to the success of each disaster restoration project and is a corporate mandate for all projects we are involved with.

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Specific services provided for water damage are:

Emergency Services

Working with fire and police, 24 hours, 7 days a week. One of our skilled personnel with follow-up your emergency call with the appropriate action. Plumbing, electrical, and other trades and repairs may be part of the solution.

Water Removal

Removing the water through appropriate means. Carpet, tile, wood, ceramic, laminates, cavities spaces, etc. Whatever the cause, we have the correct industry approved solution, with the right expert team to get the job done. Our quick response and remedy reduces future damage to your home or business.

Moisture Testing

We have the equipment and personnel to check and test damaged areas to industry standards to assess the water damage for treatment, repair, or replacement of the effected materials. Evaluation and testing is required to quantify the extent of the damage.

Moisture Removal

Removing water means moisture as well. Drying the structure requires specialized personnel, standards, dryers, dehumidifiers, removing portions of the structure to get to the cracks and crevices holding moisture that may cause future damage and health issues. Bringing structure moisture levels to an acceptable level allows a plan of action for treatment, repair, removal, or replacement of construction components to pre- damage condition.

Odor Treatment

If it has an odor or smells bad, it needs to be treated. By using the proper solutions on particular materials and items, whether a coating or spray, the treatment dissolves and treats causes of odors restoring your home or business to its original condition.

Content and Furnishing

Before your dwelling or business can be refurbished the contents and furnishings may need treatment as well. From antiques and heirlooms to family rugs and childrens toys, these items may need to be sorted, moved, cleaned, and treated to restore them to pre-damage condition.

Design and Programming

Within insurance and budget requirement we uniquely help analyze your space as it appeared before the loss and any changes to your living or business use or needs that you may want to incorporate in any modification, remodeling, and construction should reconstruction be required in restoring your structure to the pre-loss condition.


Once the programming and design are agreed upon construction activities can be planned. Permits, demolition, ordering materials, removing discarded material from the site, material selections, subcontractors, scheduling and sequencing the work, all play a part in the successful reconstruction of your home or business. Keeping you appraised along the way with a schedule outlining our step-by-step progress in preparation in reusing and occupying your space.


This is the final step in bringing all the elements of the process back together. Final construction details and items, clean after construction in preparation of reusing your space, return of items removed for treating and cleaning, refinished items, stored items, review and registration of product and system warranties, commissioning of systems and delivery of a project manual for maintenance and reference.

Private Project and Insurance Claim Processing

Whether your project is partially your desire to improve your property or the result of an insurance claim, we are highly trained and experienced processing appropriate documentation with you and your insurance company, agent, and adjuster. We mirror the same estimating program your adjuster uses in understanding the scope of your project and the values assigned to each element of the estimate for discussion and possible adjustment. We work for you, not your insurance company. We work through and with your insurance company in providing services to finalize and complete your claim.

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